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Our approach. A clearly differential value.

In IR Capital we share the concerns with the board of directors and the management team of companies regarding their growth with a global approach, proposing the necessary adjustments in order to maximize their value. This contributes greatly to the success of growth and the opening of capital to new investors.

In the investor targeting phase, we design and execute the company’s roadmap to access capital both in the earliest phase, when the company is built with private capital (crowd funding, seed capital and venture capital), as well as in later stages, in which we also cover the capital markets, including both the Alternative Stock Exchange market (MAB, Alternext and AIM) and the Continuous Stock Market (Ibex Small Cap and Ibex Mid Cap).

Each partner of the firm has more than 15 years of experience in management positions in large corporations, as well as in companies in the phase of growth and acceleration.
Our approach benefits from enthusiastic and personal references, such as with guarantees of all types of customer profiles: industrial, technological and service companies, both privately owned and listed. We cover several business sectors and the real estate.

Reasons for choosing us

We respond to the needs of each customer. We want to help you.

Because of our results and our approach, integrated and committed to our values and the concerns of each of our customers.

Because of our high degree of specialization performing uncommon tasks in the market that are essential to highlight the real value of the company, bring closer the interests of companies and the market, and raise funds to grow on a recurring basis

Because each member of our team has an individual success track as a recognized expert in its area, and adds its talent in projects designed ad-hoc to respond to the specific needs of each client, maintaining their independence and objectivity at all times.

Because we really want to help you.



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Our working methodology

In a first phase we make a diagnosis of the company, fund or SOCIMI (valuation 360º) that translates into a project plan.
In a second phase, the improvement plan is implemented, and in the third phase the round of financing or investment in the private / stock market (Alternative Market – MAB – or Continuous Stock Exchange – Ibex -) is launched.

Our services focus on developing a response to various challenges related to the following areas:
1. Strategy: Valuation and branding.
2. Financial Valuation.
3. Investor Relations: Investor targeting and reporting.
4. Analyst coverage and road shows with investors.
5. Regulatory Compliance.
6. Corporate Communication and Reputation.

If you want your company to grow, contact us: info@ircapital.es

Written Articles

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Investor Relations. Corporate Communication.

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Investor relations. Investor road shows.

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Investor relations.

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Investor relations. Design of stock market strategy (M&A). General shareholders meeting. Coordination global capital increase.

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Quarterly results presentations

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Investor relations and regulatory compliance.

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Global coordination listing in Alternative Stock Market “MAB”. Investor relations. Company valuation.

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Coordination financing round. Investor relations and shareholders.

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Investor relations and shareholders. Corporate financial communication. Regulatory compliance.

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Coordination global listing Alternative Stock Market “MAB”. Investor relations and shareholders

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Private placement advice before listing in Alternative Stock Market ”MAB”.

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Investor relations. Financial communication.


Social responsibility

In IR Capital we collaborate with different entities focused on promoting projects with social impact in any field (collectives at risk exclusion, biodiversity and environment, animal protection), either helping to professionalize the entity or seeking resources to guarantee the project in the long term.



Plaça de Gal-la Placídia, 5 – 7, planta 12
08006 – Barcelona



C/ del Capitán Haya, 1
28020 – Madrid



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